A Letter from Incoming CEO/President of Families In Schools Yolie Flores

Reflections on My Journey and the Power of Families   I am incredibly honored and excited to serve as the incoming President & CEO of Families In Schools (FIS) – a legacy organization whose story and mission have inspired me since its founding in 2000. Since those early days, FIS has led and elevated the education reform conversation to include family engagement as a critical component of school system transformation, particularly for students from low-income families and students of […]

Press Release: Families In Schools announces new President CEO Yolie Flores

For Immediate Release    Families In Schools Announces New President & CEO, Yolie Flores LOS ANGELES (November 10, 2022) – The Families In Schools (FIS) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Yolie Flores as the new CEO/President of the organization effective January 4, 2023. “Yolie is a champion for low-income families and children of color, as well as an outstanding and committed leader. During a time of rapid change within the educational […]

Families In Schools Presents: Neighbors with Amplified Voices

    Who Has the Right to Bodily Autonomy? On June 25, 2022, while at a campaign rally, Illinois congresswoman Mary Miller described the overturning of Roe v. Wade as a “historic victory for white life” — a statement met with resounding applause. Although she claimed she misspoke after, her words and the crowd’s response said the quiet part out loud: anti-abortion, pro-life advocacy has never been on the behalf of people of color but […]

A Letter from Acting CEO/President of Families In Schools

Reflections on Community, APA Heritage Month, and My Personal Narrative It is a great honor for me to serve as the acting CEO and President of Families in Schools, a responsibility I do not take lightly. I have served on the Board of Families in Schools since 2019 and hold the mission and vision of this organization close to me. I believe in the promise of public education to change the life trajectories of young people. But […]

Press Release: Families In Schools Announces New President CEO Lupe Rivera

For Immediate Release    Families In Schools Announces New President & CEO, Lupe Rivera  LOS ANGELES (October 26, 2020) – Families In Schools, a nonprofit whose mission is to involve parents and communities in their children’s education to achieve lifelong success, announced their new President and CEO, Lupe Rivera.  Lupe Rivera brings over two decades in the nonprofit sector. She most recently served as the CEO and Executive Director of the Center for Restorative Justice Works. To ensure gender-based programming across California, […]