Families In Schools (FIS) recognizes the value of strong family-school partnerships in supporting student achievement. Consequently, we provide programs and professional development that fosters authentic parent engagement by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of both parents and staff on how to work together. FIS targets low-income and underserved communities recognizing that access to quality education continues to be the gateway out of poverty and the road to the American dream.

The Woodland Joint Unified District was formed in July 1965, when it united elementary and high school districts. Focusing on excellence for all students, the District features school improvement programs with extensive staff development. Beginning teachers are supported with the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program. Teacher internships are offered in cooperation with nearby universities. Well-equipped classrooms and helpful, knowledgeable employees exemplify strong support services. In addition to core programs, the District offers curriculum for English Language Learners, special needs, gifted and talented, preschool, independent study, and home schooling students, as well as a variety of adult programs.