Parents are their child’s first teacher and
they have an important role in their child’s
literacy development. Research tells us
that reading aloud to children is the single
most important activity for building reading
success. Through read-aloud activities,
Reading Roads improves parents skills and
confidence in supporting
literacy with their child.
Curriculum Approach:
Based on popular education,
Reading Roads consists of lessons connected
to themes families hold close to their hearts.
The themes include family, culture, community,
opportunity, and celebration. At every lesson’s
core is a children’s book which reflects the session’s
theme. Also, each class focuses on a specific
literacy skill. Reading Roads has age appropriate
curriculums for parents of preschool children (ages
3-4) and elementary school children (ages 5- 9).
Parent Workshop Format:
Every week, parents gather at their local school
or agency for a family literacy workshop. Trained
Reading Roads facilitators begin each session
by leading parents in an icebreaker, an essential
element of building a support network for mothers
and fathers. Each session introduces parents to a
different children’s book, literacy skill, and activity
to support their child’s literacy development at
home. Weekly, parents check out a children’s book
to read with their child and an activity sheet to
complement the story

Reading Roads is a parent engagement program
of Families In Schools, a non-profit organization
dedicated to involving parents and communities
in their children’s education to achieve life-long
success. Families In Schools provides schools
and organizations with tools and training
to effectively engage parents in their child’s