Maintaining an organized space can have many health benefits, including morenergy and productivity, less stress and anxiety, and better sleepOrganizing and decluttering our space can help us to feel more confident and even help ease tension in our households. Read more.

Some tips to help you and your family be productive while relieving some stress: 

Step #1: Determine. 

  • Find one spot in your room or house that needs some extra love or attention.  
    • Bookshelf 
    • Closet
    • Desk 
    • Cabinet 
  • It can be indoors or outdoors.  
  • Decide if you will be completing the task alone or with an “assistant.”  

Step #2: Decide.  

  • Does the space you have chosen need some cleaningorganizing, or decluttering 
    • Has it been a while since you dusted? Does the space look a bit more crowded than usual? 

Step #3: Get Creative.  

  • Get creative and organize by categories such as colors, sizes, or shapes! 
  • Grab an empty box and fill it up with items you want to donate. 

Step #4Enjoy.  

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