In today’s busy worldour attention is pulled in many different directions.  There are so many things for adults and children alike, to keep track of.  Strengthening our ability to focus can help us from getting distracted.  Focus means to concentrate our attention and effort on one thing at a time and includes important skills like the ability to pay attention, learn and remember rules, and self-control. Focus allows us to pay attention to a task, even when distractions are present, and it can help us to continue moving forwarin order to reach a goal.  Read more

Some tips to help you and your family practice your focusing skills are 

Step #1: Prepare.  

  • Find a quiet, clutter-free space in your home  
  • If the weather is nice you may want to go out in your yard 
  • Borrow a laptop or a phone  

Step #2: Invite.  

  • Enjoy this activity on your own or with anyone else who you live with. No age restrictions.  

Step #3Watch.  

  • Follow this video 
  • Have fun and enjoy challenging yourself   

Step 4: Optional – Create and challenge. 

  • Grab a piece of paper and a coloring tool (e.g. crayon, marker, pens, etc.) 
  • Create your own “green dot” by coloring a circle in the middle of the paper 
  • You can choose to test out different colors of circles or different sizes 
  • Try focusing in different rooms of your house. You’ll surprise yourself at how well you can balance and focus 😊  
  • Add some music to the mix and listen to this calming playlist

For more family fun activities, explore Go Noodle’s Games and Videos   

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