Appreciation is taking the time to show you care, and it has been linked to increased levels of happiness. We can feel appreciation for people, objects, events, behaviors or moments and we can express our feelings in many ways. Read more 

Some tips to help you and your family show appreciation: 

Step #1: Review. 

  • Think about it: what does appreciation mean to you?  
  • Talk about it: ask others for their definitions of appreciation. 

Step #2: Share.  

  • Tell the first person you see or talk to, three things you appreciate about them.   
  • You may start by saying “Hi ________, I just wanted to let you know that I really  appreciate it when you _______,” OR “I appreciate when you are __________.” 
  • The following video talks about 10 different words/ways we can show appreciation. 
  • OR you can also list these things on a sticky note and leave it for them as a little surprise!  

Step #3: Spread the joy.  

  • Challenge them to pass it along and ask that they share three things they appreciate about YOU or the next person they talk to.  

To learn more about the many benefits of gratitude, visit here  

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