Inspiration can take on many forms and feeling inspired is like feeling motivated and encouraged. Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something and you may get that feeling from someone or something. Inspiration makes us feel enthusiastic and want to achieve things. On those days when we may need a little boost, try to think about what inspires you! What makes you happy? Remember, everyone is inspiring in their own unique way.  

Some tips to help you and your family feel inspired:  

Step #1: Reflect.  

  • What inspires you? 
  • It can be a person, place, object, word, book, experience, idea, etc.  
  • Was it something you heard, saw, or felt?  
  • Why is it inspiring to you?  
  • Ask your loved ones what inspires them? 

Step #2: Explore.  

  • Think of your favorite book or movie character, what is something inspiring they have said/might say? 

Step #3: Act.   

Do something today that inspires you or makes you feel like the inspirational person you already are! Some examples include 

  • Reading your favorite book  
  • Listening to a favorite song 
  • Talking to your favorite person 
  • Doing your favorite activity 
  • Creating your own inspirational quote and sharing with your loved ones!  
  • The options are endless!  


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