It is normal to feel stressed and anxious, especially during times of uncertaintyOne way our body deals with stress and anxiety is with muscle tension. Muscle tension feels like an ache or pain in different parts of our bodies. Maybe in our neck, shoulders, lower back or feet. Wherever you feel this pain, there is a method that can help. Progressive muscle relaxation is when you tense a group of your muscles as you breathe in and then let go, relaxing them, as you breathe out. This method helps us relax and relieves any anxiety you may have been dealing with. 

Some tips to help you and your family relax your muscles:  

Step #1: Prepare.  

  • Find a quiet room or space where you can relax.  
  • Get comfortable.  
  • Invite those who live with you if they would like to participate.  

Step #2: Follow along.  

Step #3: Reflect.  

  • What are some parts of your body that felt tensed or stressed before doing the muscle relaxation? 
  • Do you feel more relaxed? 


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