It’s important to incorporate physical activity into your schedules, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. The good thing is there are so many ways you can get your heart pumping, and aerobic exercises is a good place to start. Aerobics means “with air.” Doing some aerobics gets your blood pumping faster, makes your heart beat faster and makes your lung take in more oxygen. There are many benefits to practicing aerobic exercises regularly, including: 

  • Better heart and lung fitness 
  • Lower levels of body fat 
  • Stronger bones and muscles 
  • A better outlook on life  
  • Better chances of being a healthy adult  

For a list of aerobic activities for kids, click here

Some tips to help you and your family work out together include:  

Step #1: Find a space.  

  • Find an open space with plenty of room to move around.  
  • Make sure each person participating can remain arms distance apart. 
  • If weather permits, get some fresh air and go out in your yard or a park, remembering to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Step #2: Gear up.  

  • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes.  

Step #3: Get your heart pumping! 



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