Curiosity is the desire or interest to learn or know more about anythingCuriosity can decrease the amount of time we spend feeling bored and can inspire us to create our own kind of fun. We are always learning and growing, and curiosity allows us to be imaginative and creative, no matter our age. Studies show that our quality of life is better when we are curious. In fact, there are many surprising benefits to curiosity.  

Curiosity can: 

  • Help us survive. 
  • Make us happier. 
  • Increase achievement. 
  • Expand our empathy.  
  • Strengthen relationships 
  • Improve healthcare. 

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Some tips to help you and your family practice curiosity 

Step #1: Think. 

  • Make a list of 3 questions you are curious about.  
  • Start your question with Who, What, Where, When, Why or How. For example,  
    • What sound does a zebra make? 
    • Why is peanut butter sticky? 
    • How many different species of fish are in the ocean? 
  • What about the questions you wrote down makes you want to learn more? 

Step #2: Explore. 

Try and find the answers to your questions, by 

  • asking others in your house  
  • calling a friend or family member who you think might know the answer or  
  • using the internet 

Step #3: Enjoy! 

  • Follow this link and choose an activity that sparks your curiosity.  

Step #4: Never stop being curious, explore your world!  


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