From babies to grandparents, we all enjoy various genres of music, and no matter where we come from, there is a power in music bringing people together. Some of our favorite songs can lead to dance parties or make us want to sing them out loud. However, did you know that music has many other benefits, such as:

  • Improved mood
  • A boost in confidence
  • Enhanced learning and recall, especially for young children
  • Reduced anxiety
  • A calmer mood
  • Soothing music can help you fall asleep

*Be mindful of choosing what music you want to listen to depending on your mood/how you would like to feel later. (e.g., calming background music can lower stress levels vs. music at high volumes can cause the opposite)

To read more on music and mood, click here

Some tips to help you and your family explore different types of music and how they make you feel:

Step #1: Explore.

  • Go to the platform where you like to listen to music (e.g., the radio, CD’s, YouTube, Spotify, movie soundtracks)
  • Choose 5 of your favorite songs.
  • Optional – explore new genres:

Step #2: Listen.

  • Take a few minutes to listen to each song and consider the following:
    • Think about the lyrics, what are they saying? If there are no words, listen to the beat (the sounds it makes).
    • Is the music fast or slow?
    • Does the beginning sound like the end? Or is it different?
    • Can you tell which instruments are used in the music? (e.g., guitar, piano, trumpet, violin).
    • How does the song make you feel? Happy, excited, sad, scared, hopeful, energized, etc.

Step #3: Get creative.

  • Choose one of the following activities:
    • Write a song (think about the theme, how many lines should it have)
    • Make a musical instrument with items you have at home. Learn more.
    • Choose a song and draw a picture of how it made you feel OR what comes to mind when you listen to it.
    • Sing your favorite song A cappella (without playing the music)


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