A big part of taking care of yourself is developing healthy eating habits and sharing with your loved ones. Healthy eating has both a positive impact on your life now and in the future. Making healthy eating decisions does not mean only eating fruits and vegetables but making sure you have a variety of foods on your plate. For example, eating fewer sweets or including more nuts in your daily choices Always remember, eating healthy can still be yummy!  

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Some tips to help you and your family enjoy eating healthy foods:  

Step #1: Learn.  

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Ask yourselves:  

  • What did you eat today? What parts of it made it a nutritious, balanced meal?  
  • What could you add or replace to make it healthier 

Step #2: Plan.  

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  • Think about some of your favorite snacks. 
    • Are there any new ones you would like to try? 
  • Check to see what you have in your refrigerator or pantry. 
    • Do any of these ingredients inspire you to make a new snack? 

Step #3: Create.  

Step #4: Enjoy! 

  • Enjoy your yummy and healthy creation!  
  • Share your recipe with a friend or a family member.  

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