There is healing in laughter, and it can turn a not so good day into a better day. Laughter is our body’s response to humor. When we hear or see something funnyit means we have and/or are developing our sense of humor. Humor has many benefits including: 

  • Stress relief  
  • Increase of happiness and optimism 
  • Increase in self-esteem 
  • Helping us deal with difficult challenges 
  • Seeing things from many perspectives 
  • Increased creativity 
  • Improvement in immune function  
  • Lower heart rates and blood pressure  

To learn more about how laughter works, click here. If you would like to encouraga sense of humor in your child read more here.  

Some tips to help you and your family enjoy a nice laugh:  

Step #1: Think.  

  • Think about the last time you had a good laugh or made someone else laugh? 
  • Why did you laugh?   
  • What was funny to you? 

Step #2: Join in. 

Choose one of the following exercises to help you find some laughter.  

  • Watch your favorite funny movie or find a book that makes you laugh 

Step #3: Create.  

Step #4: Share the laughter.  

  • Which exercise was your favorite? Why?  
  • Share with family and friends the exercise you participated in OR the laughing activity you created!  

To submit your challenge, please post a photo of your child smiling or laughing on your timeline and tag it #FISWellnessChallenge by 5/13 at 5:00 PM. If you have trouble submitting your post, or if your Facebook is private, please send it to Jessica Torres at 

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