Yoga is not only therapeutic but can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age. According to a study in the International Journal of Yoga, yoga is seen as a “form of mind-body fitness that involves a combination of physical activity and mindful focus on awareness of the self, the breath, and energy.”  

Some of the common benefits of yoga, when practiced regularly, include:  

  • Feelings of relaxation 
  • Improved self-confidence 
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Decreased levels of anxiety 
  • Improved flexibility 
  • Improved balance  

Some tips to help you and your family have some fun exploring yoga while at home:  

Step #1: Find a space.  

  • Gather the family in an open space. 
  • Make sure each person participating can remain arms distance apart.  
  • If weather permits, get some fresh air and go out in your yard or a park, remembering to follow social distancing guidelines.  

Step #2: Gear up. 

  • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes.  
  • Make sure you have a laptop, tablet, or phone to go online.  

Step #3: Follow along.  

  • Click here to learn a few yoga poses for kids  
  • For a fun yoga video for young children, go here. For teens and adults, click here.

Step #4: Optional – Challenge  

  • Create your own fun yoga video to share with your friends and family!  


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