Children today are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. To help them take a break, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents to share meditation with their children. Read more here.

For this wellness tip, we ask families to take five minutes for calming meditation. Below are some steps to help you and your family set the tone and meditate.

Step #1: Clear some space.

  • Find a place in your house with little clutter or clear a small space out
  • Or if the weather permits, go outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. 

Step #2: Tune in. 

  • Listen to some calming musicClick here for a sample playlist. 
  • Or turn all devices off and listen to the sounds of your environment.

Step #3: Get comfortable.

  • Take off your shoes and sit in a comfortable position. This can be done by:
    • Sitting on the floor (butterfly style)

    • Sitting on a chair

    • Standing up straight

    • Lying down 

  • For a list of comfortable meditation and yoga positions, click here.

Step #4: Breathe 

  • Breathe in slowly for 5 seconds, and hold your breath for 5-10 seconds.
  • Slowly breathe out for another 5-10 seconds. 
  • Feel your breath going into your body. 
    • Do you feel a tingle in your fingers? 
    • Do you feel it going down your spine? 
    • Do you feel it in your toes?
  • Repeat the steps under tip #4 until you reach a peaceful state.

For more tips on how to meditate with your family, visit

For a sample video, visit and

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To start a daily mediation routine, download the FREE app, “Smiling Mind.” This app was created with multiple age groups in mind.

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