What are
Transition programs?
Families dramatically influence the degree to
which children are engaged in school and how
they identify themselves as learners. Transition
programs enable parents to gain confidence in
guiding and monitoring their child’s educational
and social development during the transition year
to middle- and high school so the child is prepared
for, and ultimately, successful after high school.
“Transition to Middle School” and “Transition to
High School” provide interactive lesson about
the importance of education, adolescent social
development, academic success strategies and
college preparation.
How do Transition
programs strengthen the
capacity of parents?
An evaluation of Transition programs, conducted
by Dr. William Perez from Claremont College of
Education, found “Transition to Middle School”
and “Transition to High School” programs to have
a significant impact on immigrant parents with
low levels of education. The three year evaluation
helped to decrease college attendance and
financial aid concerns. In addition, Transition
programs increased participants:
• Valuing of schooling
• College preparation confidence
• Parent/child/school communication
• College requirement knowledge