Statement on Incoming LAUSD Superintendent

May 1, 2018 | Sandy Mendoza, Director of Advocacy, Families In Schools

Families In Schools looks forward to working with newly appointed Superintendent Austin Beutner.  We are eager to support efforts that ensure an equitable and quality education is accessible to all students. Parents need to feel confident that this Superintendent will listen to their concerns and collaborate with them in authentic ways that demonstrate he is a leader for all, not for some. We look forward to a style of leadership that embraces meaningful communication with families, ensures that school environments are safe and welcoming, and expands systems of support that address the holistic needs of families.

A renewed vision for authentic family engagement needs to start at the school site level. As such, FIS will continue to advocate for:

1.) Professional development for school staff on how to authentically partner with parents, build welcoming school environments, and improve school climate

2.) Increasing the frequency of meaningful communication between staff and parents focused on student success

3.) Expanding systems of support that address the holistic needs of families

4.) Strengthening parent leadership opportunities at the school and district level

5.) Effectively and efficiently address parents’ grievances

6.) Increasing the allocation of resources to support quality family engagement across the district

Ultimately, the above must be aligned to student outcomes so all students are prepared for college and career success.

Photo by UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

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