Perfect-Attendance-Maria-Hernandez-600x800A few weeks ago we asked parents to submit their tips and/or concerns regarding perfect attendance. We will be sharing what families sent to us throughout the next month. The first testimonial we would like to share with you comes from Maria Hernandez, a mother of three, who helped her daughter accomplish a perfect attendance record from kindergarten until seventh grade.

“I believe that the key to success is in attendance. I don’t like it when [my children] miss school because I believe that when you miss school you miss a lot [of learning].” The following tips are part of the strategies that Mrs. Hernandez used to help her child go to school every day:

  • I avoid making doctor or dentist appointments during school hours so that my children don’t miss school.
  • There are times when [being sick] is inevitable. When my children get the sniffles or a cough I give them something to make them feel better, but I tell them that if it is a light cold or a light cough that they are not going to miss school.
  • I tell [my children] that it’s important that they go to class every day because every day they learn something different and if they don’t go they are not going to learn their lessons for that day.
  • If at the end of the year if we do accomplish perfect attendance then I tell them that I will take them on a trip somewhere.

“My child Sonia, won a trophy for having seven years of perfect attendance. My child Santiago is in fourth grade and he has only missed school once, and that was because in fact he was really sick. Now, my daughter Synthia is in preschool and I hope that we can accomplish perfect attendance together. It is a bit hard, but not impossible.”

Visit the Attendance Works’ webpage and download the Student Attendance Success Plan. As a family review the provided tips and goals and select three strategies that you can all commit to trying.

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