Read With Me Attendance

Families In Schools’ Read With Me program can assist you in this effort by helping your students increase their:

*Alphabetic knowledge/application
*Word/print recognition
*Listening and speaking skills

Read With Me engages families in early reading activities by providing a weekly supply of award-winning children’s books into the home, through a rotating library. The program is complemented with lessons for family literacy workshops.

Every new Read With Me partner school/organization receives:

*Two hours of professional development
*A classroom set of Read With Me backpacks with culturally relevant children’s books in both English and Spanish
*Program support tools including outreach materials, parent handouts (in English and Spanish), etc.
*Parent incentives

Parents are key to a child’s early literacy
development. Through Read With Me, parents have the tools and confidence to support their child’s literacy at home. Read With Me is a family engagement program for parents of infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten – first grade students. This innovative program provides a weekly supply of quality children’s books to families, complemented by family literacy workshops.