An Equitable Restart for Los Angeles Schools (Brief)

With students back in the classroom, centering equity and racial justice is more critical now than ever. As the pandemic becomes more manageable, and schools continue to face daunting challenges such as a shortage of teachers, students’ social and emotional health and well-being, digital equity, and injustices in the system that were present well before COVID-19, it is critical that we ask ourselves, “Are we prepared to respond in new ways to meet the needs […]

Schools Won’t Reopen With Magical Thinking

What will it take to reopen schools? It’s a pressing question quickly turning into a deafening roar. Whoa! The chaos around creating competent school reopening plans is astounding! I think it stems from our fully gone-rogue, magical thinking culture. It is normal, and perhaps even healthy to believe in things that have no logical basis to them like if I make a wish and blow out the candles my wish will come true. It is […]

Million Word Challenge For Schools

  Step #1  Officially register your school or agency for the 2018 Million Word Challenge. Registration for schools ended on February 13, 2018. Step #2 The Million Word Challenge Webinar will be conducted on January 24th and 26th. This webinar will clarify any implementation questions that you may have prior to launching the campaign. The video is now available to watch. Step #3  Register families for the Million Word Challenge newsletter. Schools that register 25 families for weekly […]