Money Should Not be a Barrier to a Higher Education


On December 8th, fifteen Latino parents were invited by Families In Schools to participate in a “listening” exchange with University of California representatives. Parents shared their thoughts on how they perceive the UC system as an option for their children, and identifying solutions for eliminating potential barriers in accessing higher education.

Listening to the parents were Monica Lozano, UC Regent Chair; Steve Montiel, UC Office of the President; Mike Drish, UCLA Undergraduate Admissions; Sandy Close, Executive Director, New America Media; Araceli Martinez Ortega, Education Reporter, La Opinion; Oscar Cruz, President/CEO, and Sandy Mendoza, Advocacy Manager, Families In Schools.

Parents passionately articulated that they want their children to attend college however, most feared that they would not be able to afford it. “The university is expensive,” expressed Silvia Lopez, a parent of a UCLA undergrad. However, there were non-immediate financial concerns as well. “I’m worried that when my child goes to the university in 10 years, the price is going to triple,” said Jorge Prado.

The UC representatives addressed this concern stating that the UC system offers many opportunities and resources including 100% paid tuition for students whose family income is below $80,000. They also suggested that parents advocate in Sacramento for increased funding for higher education.

The evening exchange was filled with touching stories and recommendations. One parent of an autistic child shared her concerns for her special needs child and how both she and the university can support her child’s education. In addition, one of the major recommendations parents made was to increase outreach in low-income communities. To read the full article from La Opinion, click here.

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