Welcome to the fourth week of the Families In Schools Reading Challenge. For ten weeks, we are challenging children and young adults, ages 18 and under, to read a Million++ Words. Below are some step-by-step instructions to submit your fourth challenge. 

Step 1: AskConsider the setting of the book you or your student is currently reading. 

  • Where does it take place? 
    • Is it in a room?  
    • A city?  
    • A garden?  
    • A ship?  
    • A neighborhood? 
  • What does your character see around the location 
    • People? 
    • Houses? 
    • Clothing? 
    • Fishing Poles? 
    • Flowers? 

Step 2: Connect and Reflect Consider connecting to the setting of the book with your child or student to their own experience. Ask questions like: 

  • Have you seen a setting similar to where your character’s story is taking place? 
    • How is it similar? 
    • How is it different? 
  • How does the setting affect the main character’s experience?  
    • Does it make it harder for the character? 
    • Does it make it easier? 
    • What would happen if one thing in the setting changed? Would the story be the same? 

Step 3: Create a map.  Ask your child or student to pick a setting that they find interesting in the book and create a map. This can be but is not limited to a drawing, a recreation on video, a diorama, etc.  

Step 4: Post it. Challenge participants posted a video or photo of their map to the Week #4 Reading Challenge post located in the Reading & Compassion Challenge Facebook Group.

All completed entries for the weekly challenges were reviewed and a raffle for a $10 gift card took place.

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