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Welcome to the first week of the 2020 Families In Schools Reading Challenge. For 10 weeks we are challenging children and young adults, ages 18 and under, to read a MILLION ++ Words. Below are some step-by-step instructions to submit your first challenge.

Step #1: Download the sample Million Word Goals by clicking here.

Step #2: Make a plan by looking for your child’s grade level, and:

  • Discuss or pick which books you/they are interested in reading
  • Plan how many books you or your child plan to read for the next 10 weeks
  • Watch the “How to Set Your Reading Challenge Goals” video to help set your goals

Step #3: Write your reading goals and send them to us with a list of books that you plan to read for the next 10 weeks.

Step #4: Submissions completed.

All completed entries for the weekly challenges were entered in a raffle for a $10 gift card.

10 comments on “Literacy Challenge #1

    • Hola Petra, y bienvenida al reto. Seria desde el 6 de abril al 13 de abril para el primer registro de lectura :).

  1. Thank you for setting up this challenge! Please advise how to send my reading log via Facebook Direct Message. Please provide the steps or instructions.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    • Hi Gina, and welcome to the challenge! We are very excited to have you participate. If you don’t have a Facebook account and cannot send a Direct Message to Families In Schools please feel free to send it via email to

    • Hi Brenda, and welcome to the challenge! We are so happy to hear that you will have your three children participate in the challenge. We look forward to your three reading logs and three sets of weekly reading goals.

  2. Hello,

    I have a 9th grade student that I’m trying to encourage to participate in this challenge. She’s not a motivated reader. I’d like her to participate thinking this will help her down the line with the ACT/SAT test. Just being a more well rounded comprehensive reader. My question is what’s your suggestion to motivate her in this challenge and can we still participate in future drawings?

    • Dear Kim,

      Those are fantastic questions!

      You may participate in future drawings whenever she is ready to participate.

      Second, regarding some ideas to motivate your child:
      What does she like to read? She can read newspapers, novels, graphic novels, magazines, short stories, poetry, etc. Let her know that she can read anything she wants as long as it’s grade-level appropriate. We have some students that are reading slightly mature books. If you, as a parent are comfortable with that, we will not judge. We would just strongly encourage talking about some of the topics (maybe even reading the book together).

      A way that my father motivated me when I was a sophomore in high school was for the two of us to read the same book. He read the book in Spanish and I read it in English. We both discussed it together. We continued the tradition in college when I moved away.

      Some parents have offered additional incentives like tickets to an upcoming event or since we’re reading in the times of COVID – perhaps it’s a getaway from the house or order takeout from your favorite restaurant or additional time to talk to friends.

      I’m not sure if your daughter has a passion or is already interested in a career, but perhaps she can find a book about her career interests or hobbies.

      She may also prefer listening to the audiobook and reading the e-book at the same time. There are readings of certain books on youtube and she could read the e-book on her phone and watch the video on another device (or do a split-screen). In fact, if the book is not on youtube or audio she could consider reading the book aloud to help others find the audio version of the book.

      We hope these ideas help! We look forward to hearing about your success!

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