With over 20 years of experience in family engagement, Families In Schools has compiled blogs filled with tips to support your student’s learning at home. From setting a schedule to supporting children’s literacy, health, and wellness, Families In Schools has compiled a wealth of knowledge to help your student’s academic success.

While school closures are important to ensuring our safety, we realize they are not only interrupting our daily routine but the routines of our children as well. A regular routine will help children feel like they are still on a normal schedule and help keep them learning during their time away from school. Read More


Fortunately, there are thousands of resources available online today for students to continue learning even while their school is closed. However, it is not always clear, which resources families should direct their students to. It can feel overwhelming, but here are some questions to consider when reviewing educational resources for students of all ages. Read More

While young children might be learning their letters or the sounds of simple words, older children might be developing their academic vocabulary and reading about complex topics like science and history. It is important that children of all ages read regularly and build their skills no matter how old they are. Read more


In this blog, we focus on tips for families to help children of all ages continue learning and practicing key math skills. It is critical that adults supporting students in math, do so with a positive attitude, and help children adopt a “Growth Mindset.” Read More


“Quiet time” is time that is dedicated to providing children and family members of all ages an opportunity to physically relax, take a mental break from their academics, and manage their emotions, all of which are part of improving their general wellness. Read More