How can you tell if a children’s book is good or appropriate? Betsy Hearne, author of “Choosing Books for Children: A Commonsense Guide” suggests the following:

  • From birth to age six, picture books should have illustrations on every page. These books are meant to be read aloud while the listener looks over pictures.
  • For ages, six to nine, beginner and easy-to-read books require short chapters, illustrations, simple vocabulary. These books can be read aloud to youngsters and/or can be read alone by the child.
  • For ages nine to twelve, there is a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. These books tend to be shorter than young adults and adult books.
  • For teenagers, books range in titles and genres.

You do not have to be an expert in reading levels to guide your child so that they can explore, learn from, and enjoy books. If you know your child’s interest, you can take the opportunity to talk about books or read together.

For lists of suggested books please refer to any of the following: