FIS Census 2020 Family Informational_English_compressed

Census 2020
The U.S. Constitution requires
that every 10 years every person
living in the country, regardless
of immigration status, is
counted. Your census information
is strictly confidential, and your
answers cannot be shared with
any other government agency.

How does the Census
Bureau use the data it
• To determine how many
representatives each state gets
in Congress.
• To determine how billions of
federal government resources will
be distributed each year.
• To provide funding for educational,
health, and social programs
available in your community.
• To increase funding for early
care and pre-school programs in
your community.

The Challenge
• Latinos and African-Americans
are typically undercounted.
• Children ages 0-5 are commonly
missed in the census.
• Each person that is not counted
costs your community nearly
$1,091/year in health and
human services programs alone
(Reamer, 2018).

Why participate
in the Census?
• Participate in the 2020 Census
in order to sustain or increase
early care and preschool
p rograms in your community.
• Ensure your community
receives the funds needed for
educational, health, and social
• Businesses use the census to
determine where to open and
invest, so census data leads
to jobs locally.