El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument promotes, safeguards, and preserves the City’s birthplace and culturally diverse heritage through the effective management of its commercial and historical resources and events.

El Pueblo’s permanent collection is a unique repository of artifacts that trace the city’s heritage from the pre-European era through the mid 20th century, covering numerous facets of local history and culture. The artifact collection contains more than 15,000 objects of material culture including fine art, antique china, household items, period furniture, textiles, tools and firefighting memorabilia. El Pueblo also houses the collections of the Chinese American Museum and the Italian Hall Museum.

El Pueblo’s research and archival collection comprising of more than 12,000 photographs, historic documents, books, records, maps and architectural drawings offer invaluable information relating to the history of the early Pueblo. Additionally, El Pueblo’s large textile collection features clothing, antique linens and accessories dating from the mid 19th century.