Tools: Every new Read With Me Partner
School/ Organization receives:
• A set of Read With Me backpacks with
quality children’s books in both English
and Spanish
• Step-by-step program manuals
• 3 family literacy lesson plans
• Program support tools including outreach
materials, flyers, parent handouts, etc.
• A teacher toolbox full of parent incentives
– Children’s books
– Colorful bookmarks promoting reading
– Read With Me pencils
After the training, schools/agencies will be
prepared to manage the weekly distribution of
Read With Me backpacks with families, in addition
to leading family literacy workshops for parents.

Parents are key to a child’s early literacy
development. Through Read With Me, parents
have the tools and confidence to support their
child’s literacy at home. Read With Me is a family
engagement program for parents of infants and
toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten – first
grade students. This innovative program provides
a weekly supply of quality children’s books
to families, complemented by family literacy
workshops. Since 2001, Read With Me has
reached over 120,000 families at 290 locations.
Bringing Books into the Home
Every week, families meet at their child’s school
to check-out a colorful Read With Me backpack
filled with 6 children’s books. To begin the
program, parents first attend an orientation where
they learn story sharing techniques and sign a
pledge to read aloud to their child for 20 minutes
every day. Families then
journey home and open their
purple packs to discover story
sharing tips along with books
in English and Spanish.
At the end of the week, they
exchange the backpack for a
new bag of books. Through
Read With Me, families
experience an average of
120 different children’s
books annually