College & Career Resources

College Prep

  • The University of California has created virtual events for students and their families to learn about the many opportunities offered by the UC system. Campus representatives will be available to answer questions. Click here to register for upcoming events in September and October.
  • Learn how you can attend community college for free, provided by LA College Promise. Webinar on July 29th or August 4th 5:30PM – 6:30PM. Learn more and register here. 
  • The Los Angeles Public Library has partnered with The Princeton Review to offer free college preparation workshops and ACT/SAT practice tests online. Workshops include “Paying for College,” “College 101,” and “College Application – Personal Statement.” Sessions begin July 11. For more information and to register for these online events, click here.
  • College Resources for High School Students provided by USC Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice 
  • Parent Ambassador Summer Workshop Series provided by the UCLA Early Academic Outreach Program. Learn more on how you can become an advocate for your student through a series of free workshops
  • University of California President’s Pre-College Scholars is providing a Summer MasterClass Series on a variety of college prep topics. Virtual workshops take place every Wednesday starting at 4:30PM. Click here to take a look at the schedule and to sign up!
  • Compare colleges and universities by BigFuture. Use BigFuture’s comparison tool to compare up to 3 colleges you’re interested in based on location, campus life, cost, etc.
  • Khan Academy offers a college admissions unit where students can learn about 4-year colleges, the importance of college, access to college, listen to student stories, and more. Learn more. 
  • Best College provides a guide for undocumented students to help them navigate and learn about the college options available to them.
  • DACA News and FAQs for Undocumented Students 
  • Adventures in Education provides resources for students, parents, and families on getting ready for college, succeeding through college, managing your money and more! Explore here. 
  • Student resources and workshops on college, financial aid, scholarships, extracurriculars, mental health, and more! Provided by First Gen Empowerment Project. Explore here. 
  • College and financial aid resources for undocumented students 
  • The College Guide for LGBTQ Students provides a variety of resources for students and parents including evaluating colleges, laws for LGBTQ students, and more


Career Exploration

  • Learn how your interests connect to different careers with online assessment.
  • Find your pathway and explore college majors and career options here.
  • Career Conversations Podcasts provided by the Los Angeles Public Library. Listen and learn about a variety of careers here. 
  • CareerShip provides middle and high school students the opportunity to review, research, and learn more about different careers and find those based on their interests. Start here. 
  • Learn about careers in counseling, including degree options, steps to take, and more. Explore here. 
  • Web Development Workshop Series provided by the Los Angeles Public Library, Fridays at 4 pm on September 4,11,18,25, and October 2nd. Sign up here.

Tips for Families and Students