Census 2020 – The Importance of Counting My Community

Last Stop on Market Street, a children’s picture book read aloud in English. Appropriate for ages 0-5. To watch the reading of the book in Spanish, click here.

This book is featured in the All Children Count: Census 2020 Toolkit. Below are some sample questions to ask your child as you read along and activities to support your child’s learning.

  1. Just looking at the cover, what did you think the story was going to be about
  2. Where were the boy and the woman going?
  3. How are the boy and the woman getting around?
  4. Have you ever taken the bus/train? What did you see?
  5. Who do you know that is like Nana who sees the good in each situation?
  6. How would people get from place to place if buses were not around?
  7. What kind of transportation (ways to get around from place to place) do you see in your city/community? (e.g. bus, trains, rental bicycles, etc. )

Activity for ages 2-5: 

Draw a map of where you live. Click here for an activity sheet.

  1. What is a city?
  2. What city do you live in?
  3. What things do you find in a city/community? (e.g. churches, hospitals, roads, buses, schools, libraries, etc.)
  4. How do you travel from one city to another? (e.g. roads, highways)
  5. What happens when there are no roads or highways?

Remember to count everyone in your house on the U.S. Census!  Click here to fill out your Census 2020 questionnaire or visit https://my2020census.gov/.

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