The U.S. Constitution requires that every 10 years every person living in the country, regardless of immigrant status, is counted. Your census information is strictly confidential, and your answers cannot be shared with any other government agency or individuals (such as a landlord).

Why It’s Important

4.6% of children ages, 0-5 were undercounted in the 2010 Census. Each person that is not counted costs your community moren than $1,000 per year in health and human services programs alone (Reamer, 2018).

Participating Helps

1.Sustain or increase early care and preschool programs

2.Fund educational, health, and social programs

3.Increase local jobs. Businesses use the census to determine where to open and invest


Between         You will receive:

March 12-20   An invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census.

March 16-24    A reminder letter.

March 26-April 3    A reminder postcard.

April 8-16   A reminder letter and paper questionnaire

April 20-27  A final reminder postcard before an in-person follow up.


Download Census Informational Flyers

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