Alliance Virgil Roberts Leadership Academy Naming Celebration

August 30th, 2018 | Families In Schools

On August 30th, Alliance College Ready Public Schools honored Families In Schools (FIS) founding board member, Virgil Roberts, with a naming celebration: Alliance Virgil Roberts Leadership Academy. Mr. Virgil Roberts is a noted philanthropist and has long been a education champion for children and their families in Los Angeles. Through his work at FIS, he has developed fundamental programs that empower parents, cultivating educational change in our communities. We thank him for his contributions and his commitment to ensuring all students have access to quality schools regardless of their background or zip code.

“As a society we need to help our children overcome the obstacles that keep them from accessing a quality eduction. I see myself in Alliance scholars and I see thousands of dreams being realized through the tremendous work of our schools.” – Virgil Roberts, Civic Leader and Alliance Founding Board Member

(formerly known as Alliance Leadership Middle Academy)

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