Facilitator: Lourdes Ramirez-Ortiz, Ed.D., Community of Schools Administrator, East Los Angeles Community, Los Angeles Unified Parent Warriors: Gipsy Alvarado, Hilda Avila, Gwendolyn Landry, Mary Lee, Maria Leon, Mireya Pacheco

Parents are their children’s first teacher and advocate. They know what their child’s needs are and are willing to do what is necessary. But, when you are low-income and already struggling, how can they get it done? How do predominantly low-income parents overcome systemic barriers and achieve high results much like affluent parents do? Enter Parent Warriors. These “warriors” are relentless in their drive for addressing the inequities that exist in our schools and communities, and passionate and fearless about advocating for our most vulnerable children.

Join us in an interactive discussion and activity with parent warriors who are disrupting historical practices to better support students, parents, and schools.

Join the “Parent Warriors In Action” session on November 21, 2019 at the Millennium Biltmore in Downtown Los Angeles to learn how you can support the count of children ages 0-5 in your community. Register here.

Gipsy Alvarado
Hilda Avila
Gwendolyn Landry
Mary Lee
Maria Leon
Mireya Pacheco