Alliance 2019 Breakout Session

Presented by: Jennie Carreón, Assistant Vice President of Civic Engagement, AltaMed; Wilma Franco, Executive Director of the SELA Collaborative

Civic participation is intrinsically tied to health and the quality of life for our communities. Research tells us that voting is directly correlated to better health. We know this applies to education as well and that strong parent engagement results in better educational outcomes. Research also tells us in study after study that doctors, health professionals, and teachers rank amongst the top most trusted messengers in our communities, particularly amongst communities of color.

Leveraging the role as a trusted messenger, AltaMed seeks to engage and empower their employees, patients, and community to use the power of their vote to improve their health and the health of their communities.

In 2018, AltaMed launched its My Vote, My Health™ nonpartisan Get-Out-The-Vote campaign targeting low-propensity Latino voters in Southern California, to great success. The My Vote, My Health program aims to inform, empower, and mobilize patients and employees to protect access to their healthcare through the power of their vote.

Precincts that AltaMed targeted in L.A. County during the 2018 Midterm showed a 12-percentage-point turnout rate increase compared to 2014, which corresponded to a 98% increase. Overall, voters AltaMed reached for the 2018 Midterm election represented a 138% growth over the 2014 baseline. (UCLA LPPI Sep. 2018) From September 4, 2018 to election day, AltaMed attempted 1.1 million contacts, including canvassing by walking and phone. AltaMed successfully contacted approximately 30,000 low-propensity Latino voters. For every 1% of total voters in a precinct that AltaMed contacted, the turnout from 2014 to 2018 increased by 8.3%. (U.C. Riverside CSI Mar. 2019)

Much of the My Vote, My Health program’s success has been attributed to its 5-touch mobilization blueprint that strategically and meaningfully engages Latino voters via 5 separate touches. Heading into 2020, AltaMed is to expand further its My Vote, My Health program to focus on the key 2020 elections in California and the upcoming 2020 Census. As part of this second phase, AltaMed My Vote, My Health will further incorporate its 5-touch model at their health centers, incorporating providers in the outreach.

AltaMed is also developing a best practices My Vote, My Health ™ Civic Engagement Toolkit based on their 5-touch blueprint that leverages the health center infrastructure and position as trusted messengers in our communities. This toolkit will serve as a train-the-trainer guide for peer FQHCs statewide and is being implemented in partnership with the California Primary Care Association (CPCA).

Join “AltaMed’s My Vote, My Health™ 5-Touch Model: Uplifting Communities and Building Power Through Civic Participation” on November 21, 2019, at this year’s Alliance Summit & Excellence In Parent Engagement Awards in Los Angeles. Register here.

Participants will engage in:

  • AltaMed 5-Touch Civic Engagement Training Exercise
  • A presentation on AltaMed’s successful 5-touch model for civic engagement,
  • Learning about the rationale for AltaMed’s My Vote, My Health civic engagement initiative
  • Understanding of AltaMed’s service areas,
  • Learning about the Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) Collaborative and the importance of collaborative work in civic engagement


Jennie is the Assistant Vice President for Civic Engagement at AltaMed, which delivers 1 million annual patient visits through its 50 sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. She is also a Founder and Executive Director of AltaMed’s PAC and oversees fundraising and the endorsement process for Elected Officials in all levels of office for the State of California.

Working closely with AltaMed’s CEO and SVP, Jennie actively participates in multiple phases of civic engagement and community power building initiatives. She also creates and implements strategies to achieve AltaMed’s political priorities and represents the company to promote eliminating disparities in healthcare access in underserved communities. Read More.

Dr. Wilma Franco serves as the Executive Director of the Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) Collaborative and holds a doctorate degree in Education – Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne. Dr. Franco successfully defended dissertation was entitled, “Employer’s Perception of Their Role in Student Learning and Skill Development: A Qualitative Case Study.”

Dr. Franco has over ten years of experience in overseeing nonprofits and community based programs and has a solid background in program development, evaluations, partnership development, finance, fundraising and development. Read More.