Alliance Summit & Parent Engagement Awards

United In Action: Building Communities and Schools for All

6th Annual Statewide Conference and Awards Ceremony

Now in its sixth year, the Alliance Summit is a convening of community, education, business, and philanthropic leaders to celebrate parents and strengthen partnerships for greater student and school success. We approach our work firmly grounded in the notion that supporting families to be agents of change in their communities and schools is crucial to ensuring students succeed and have a bright future. The goal of the Alliance Summit is to strengthen alliance-building efforts for a common agenda that empowers families and communities to support their schools and student success.

The Alliance Summit creates a space where participants can:

  • Hear diverse perspectives about effective policies and best practices that address needs of students and families
  • Become familiar with strategies for strengthening school and community partnerships to support high need students and communities
  • Learn how family engagement practices can be embedded into program and advocacy initiatives, locally and statewide
  • Increase confidence to become champions for authentic parent engagement in their communities

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