Wonder how, as a parent, you can support your child’s college and career exploration? As a parent, you can help your child explore their options and discover what it takes to reach their dreams and goals. Support your child by assisting them in exploring careers based on your child’s talents and aspirations.

  1. Dream Big for your child.
    • Ask them what they want out of life (i.e., to be happy, famous, or rich, to travel or to help family).
  2. Help them explore and develop their abilities.
    • Help your child identify the skills they have acquired in classes, training, and/or activities.
    • Allow your child to be proactive – they will not know what they are good at unless they try.
  3. Help them explore and develop their interests.
    • Talk to them about what subjects and activities that most appeal to them (i.e., “I like to _____.”)
    • Encourage your child to get involved – the best way to know what they like or dislike is to be active in organizations, clubs, and/or church.
  4. Help them explore different career perspectives and experiences.
    • Encourage your child to talk to working adults – other people’s experiences and passions will help them expand their minds.
  5. Help them research career options.
    • Planning for the future is not something you do once. It’s an ongoing process.
  6. Help them understand how to prepare for their future career.
    • The internet is an excellent place to research different careers and preparation.
  7. Talk to a counselor. 
    • Your child is not alone! Talk to their counselors about interest inventory tests, books, and other resources available at their school.
  8. Help them make a plan.
    • Focus on the goal – your child may not know their career goal; however, by following these steps, you will support their understanding of their career options.

This list was compiled in conjunction with the College Knowledge Academy – College Smarts a family engagement curriculum of Families In Schools.

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