Alliance 2019 Breakout Session

Presented by: Rachel Gonzalez-Martinez, Director of Training and Capacity Building; Carolina Hernandez-Malone, Senior Consultant, Families In Schools

Census data helps to determine the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funds to states, counties, and communities, including funding for schools and other vital programs for families. During this session, participants will experience sample activities from the All Children Count – Census 2020 toolkit. The goal of the toolkit is to engage children, parents/caregivers, and early childhood education/preschool providers, on the importance of the census, and how counting everyone will benefit our communities.

The delivery model of this toolkit is a train-the-facilitator model, intended for early-education and preschool providers to implement the lessons directly with the children and the families they serve. This model was designed to extend its reach to families across Los Angeles County, the state of California, and even the country.

Join the “Census 2020: All Children Count” session on November 21, 2019 at the Millennium Biltmore in Downtown Los Angeles to learn how you can support the count of children ages 0-5 in your community. Register here.

About the Presenters

Rachel Gonzalez-Martinez is the Director of Training and Capacity Building at Families In Schools. She develops curricula, trainings, tools, and resources in order to build the capacity of both school and community organization staff, as well as the families they serve so that they are better able to work in partnership with one another. Read More.


Carolina Hernandez-Malone serves as a Senior Consultant at Families In Schools supporting the development of curriculum, professional development sessions, and mechanisms for schools that help families understand the Pre-k-12th system, explore college and career options and advocate for an educational experience that ensures college and career readiness. Read More.