For Families In Schools (FIS), 2011-2012 was a year
of learning and evolution. I concluded my first year
as President & CEO and I consider myself blessed to
have inherited a talented staff and visionary Board
of Directors. I thank them for their support, guidance,
and commitment to the mission of the organization.

FIS aims to provide schools and other educational organizations with the
tools and training needed to support strong parent engagement efforts. This
past fiscal year, FIS impacted more than 6,627 parents and 3,119 students
throughout 10 different curricular programs at 293 new and continuing
schools/sites. Additionally, FIS trained more than 889 school staff, 390 CBO
staff, and 144 education leaders on parent engagement strategies and tools.

FIS knows that ensuring a quality education for all families often requires
changes in education policies and practices. FIS was directly involved in
17 state and local advocacy efforts, including: protecting state funding for
early education programs; improving the engagement of parents across
the state in the reclassification process of English learners; supporting the
implementation of A-G policy in LAUSD; and demanding that a new labor
agreement between LAUSD and teacher union reflected the needs of families
and students. In order to celebrate community leaders working to promote
parent engagement, FIS recognized the contribution of 3 leaders as part of
our 2012 Excellence in Parent Engagement Awards, which included: Goldie
Buchanan, Ryan Smith, and Catalina Urrutia.