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Supporting FIS-PIRC programs:

SES Provider Fairs

Did you know that over 280,000 students in Los Angeles Unified Schools are eligible for a FREE TUTOR and that these tutors are hired by their parents? That is correct! This tutoring costs nothing for the child, the family, or the school because the federal government is paying the cost of the tutoring for each eligible child. All a parent has to do to receive this FREE TUTORING for their eligible child is fill out a tutoring services application and send it, on time, to the correct office in LAUSD. The tutoring can be done in the child s home, in a special tutoring center or sometimes even at the child s school. The parents decide where they want the tutoring to happen based on which company or non-profit organization they choose for their child. Many people use the formal name for this FREE TUTORING; they call it Supplemental Educational Services or SES for short. The companies that offer this FREE TUTORING are called SES Providers .
FIS-PIRC sponsors the Provider Fairs in partnership with LAUSD-Beyond the Bell. The fairs are held to support parents, who have SES eligible children in Program Improvement Schools . These events are held at various school sites. They give parents, students, and school staff the opportunity to meet the representatives of the private companies and non-profit organizations who provide the FREE TUTORING. The fairs are held during the months when parents have the opportunity to sign their children up for the SES FREE TUTORING (in LAUSD from May through mid-November.) To find out when the SES Fairs are scheduled, visit the Families In Schools calendar .
Each year we increase the number of fairs and, of course, the number of attendees increases (parents, students and school staff.) This year over 4,500 people attended the over 22 fairs that have been held to date. To learn even more about the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program you may want to visit LAUSD s Beyond the Bell site.

Parent & School Staff Events

FIS-PIRC custom designs and sponsors parent & school staff conferences in various locations across the LAUSD. These learning and networking sessions cover subjects related to the NCLB Act such as accountability (parent, student and school accountability), School Choice and Supplemental Education Services (SES0.) We also include information on other topics of interest to school staff and parents such as A-G coursework, also called college prep coursework, Small Schools , Parent Partnership Strategies , and Parent Advocacy Skills. Many of the events have been developed and sponsored in partnership with LAUSD Local District staff and various local community organizations.
In addition FIS-PIRC brings  outreach meetings on the topics of NCLB and Supplemental Educational Services to the central district, local district and school site professional development sessions. These  outreach meetings may include  train the trainer sessions for those school and local district staff who are bringing the message of SES and NCLB to parents. Our hope is to give insight into how the tools in NCLB can be used by parents to support their children s academic success and how school staff can use them to improve student achievement and develop stronger partnerships with parents. For information on this work contact Pilar Buelna, the FIS-PIRC Director .

Web-Site & Hot-Line Parent Support

All K-12 parents, staff and interested community members have access to FIS-PIRC by using our Website, e-mailing to the FIS-PIRC mailbox or by calling us on (866) PIRC 275, also read as (866) 747-2275. Parents can learn more about the NCLB ACT , parents rights , Supplemental Education Services (SES) and School Choice. We help parents gain the knowledge and skills needed to hold our public schools accountable for improved results and to work in partnership with school staff towards their child s education success.

Community Partnerships & Outreach

It is important that information about the NCLB ACT and particularly about Supplemental Educational Services (SES) is available throughout the community . FIS-PIRC holds press events, distributes press releases, and gives media interviews. In addition we work, in partnership, with other community based organizations (CBOs) to bring them  train-the-trainer session on these topics and to work together on mutual agendas. Recently, we were worked in partnership with other CBOs to support an important resolution that was approved by the LAUSD Board. The LAUSD Board resolved to open a new  window so that parents could order Supplemental Educational Services (SES) though mid-November 2005. Click here to read the resolution .

Supporting the following FIS-PIRC programs:

  • Read With Me/Lea Conmigo
  • Going On To College (GOT College!)
  • Transitions to Middle School
  • Transitions to High School

FIS-PIRC supports the above listed programs in various ways. The support processes is designed to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the school staff and the parents/guardians of the students in the school.

  • Training and coaching new on-site facilitators (teachers, administrators, & parent leaders.)
  • Visiting on-site facilitators to monitor and strengthen implementation.
  • Modeling effective facilitation of parent education.
  • Revising existing programs.
  • Supporting development of new programs.

For more information on any of the FIS-PIRC programs click the name of the program in the list above.


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