FIS_Annual Report_2015 FINAL

While acknowledging our past as a leader in bringing awareness to the need for authentic parent engagement in our education system, we embrace our role today as an innovator of high-quality programming and impactful advocacy initiatives. We know that our efforts have, without a doubt, shaped the way that
educational leaders and practitioners perceive authentic parent engagement practices as key components of
quality education.

Our fifteen years of experience in the education field have helped us understand the critical link between policy and practice. We’ve learned that although
policy can set high expectations, without proper and successful implementation and accountability, it will remain a mere dream. Conversely, successful policy
implementation must be based on best practices and lessons learned in order to ensure that the model for success is replicable and scalable.

As we grow into the next stage of organizational evolution, we look to refine and deepen our impact by focusing on two key areas: advocacy and capacity
building. Advocacy continues to be at the heart of our work and the foundation that ensures that authentic parent engagement practices continue to be viewed as
critical components of educational improvement.

At the same time, we recognize that institutions need effective tools and training to make authentic parent
engagement a reality in their day-to-day interaction with families, and so we continue to grow our cadre of specialized staff and diverse programs to fit the
needs of the communities we serve.

We understand that there is much more that must be done. As such, in the coming years we will scale our trainings, programs and advocacy at state and national
levels. We invite you to join us in this cause, so that together we can continue to forge a wide and clear path to life-long success for all of our families.